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Brief Overview

Leading Women of Africa (LWA) was founded as a Pan African Forum that promotes the inclusion of women in the mainstream economy by ensuring that more women emerge as successful and influential leaders in Political, professional and Economic spheres in Africa. Founded in May of 2008 by Mrs Madelein Mkunu, launched with the endorsement of the South African Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) and in collaboration with the South African Women Entrepreneurs Network (SAWEN). LWA is registered as a Not-For-Profit Company (NPC) in South Africa. Headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, LWA operates outside South Africa through collaboration with other women or regional Organisations that share the same goals.

LWA was initially registered in South Africa as a not-for-profit company incorporated under Section 21 Company’s Act.
Confident of Africa’s growth opportunities, Leading Women of Africa – Corporate Investment (Pty) Ltd was strategically established in 2015 to provide a platform for women to leverage on numerous trade and investment projects that offer great possibilities for growth and business transformation.

LWA’s Vision

Putting African Women at the heart of sustainable economic development in Africa.

LWA’S Misison

Continuously promote the inclusion of women in the mainstream economy to ensure that more women emerge as successful and influential leaders in all spheres: Political, professional and Economic arena in Africa

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LWA Objectives
• To advance the leadership and economic development of African women
• To provide access to strategic economic opportunities, research data, investment analysis, and cutting-edge information to women
• To stimulate African regional integration through networking opportunities such as conferences, expert seminars and well-designed trade missions.

LWA operates at International, Continental, Regional, National and Community levels via the appointed coordinators.



LWA has established a network made up of academic institutions, associations, governments, individual businesswomen and men, corporate companies, investors and funders.

The LWA’s network database has over 10 000 subscribers with 90% percent based in over 30 African countries.  These comprise an estimate of 70% SMME’s, 10% Corporate, 10% Government & institutions and 10% individuals.

LWA further works in collaboration with fellow women Associations in East Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa and North Africa.


LWA investment initiative

An enterprise development fund being established to support the expansion and growth of small to medium enterprises owned and managed by African women.

Women in Infrastructure Development in Africa (WIDA)

WIDA ensures that women emerge as successful leaders in industries and sectors which historically excluded their participation and representation.

Women’s Trade Missions- Events- Training

Series of women-only trade missions and business seminars held in different African countries, which bring together women entrepreneurs and business leaders looking for trade and investment opportunities.

LWA training programmes tackle the issues of the leadership and governance for women.


LWA has been operating across sector and industry with special focus on the following:

Infrastructure development| investment| housing construction| roads construction| agriculture| mining| transportation & logistics| textile| Import-Export| water and sanitation| renewable energy| tourism and hospitality| health and wellness| education| manufacturing| trade.
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 Are you looking to access the African market and decision makers?

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