Fact Sheet

  • LWA works in line with the goals adopted at the 1995 Beijing conference and promotes the attainment of the United Nations (UN) Millennium goals of 2000;
  • LWA supports the Agenda 2063;
  • LWA operates at International, Continental, Regional, National and Community levels;
  • LWA is a credible African partner in Women’s economic development;
  • We lobby for a concerted effort by government, policy makers, as well as leaders at corporate and civil level;
  • Doing business with women is smart business;
  • Women are a growing buying force and present a growing consumer base for a positive economic outlook in Africa;
  • With the triple challenge in Africa: poverty, unemployment and inequality, Women’s empowerment is not only gender issue but as well as a socio-economic issue;
  • LWA provides an opportunity to present pan-African views of women economic empowerment by involving African scholars, community builders and civil society organisations.
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