LWA Women’s Opportunity Fund

LWA Women’s Opportunity Fund

LWA is proud to announce the launch of the LWA Women’s Opportunity Fund (LWA-WOF) as part of the on-going empowerment agenda of women.

This fund is part of the gender lens investing strategy that aims to use investments as a vehicle to empower and advance women and girls. By applying a gender lens approach, investors can align their investment portfolios with the goal of supporting gender equality while generating a market rate of return.

The fund is open to private investors, corporate investors and institutional investors from Africa and globally.

Creating access to economic opportunities for women in business, at national, sub-regional and continental level is a key objective of Leading Women of Africa (LWA). Investors will have the privilege to recommend a beneficiary programme of their choice where a portion of the fund raised will be allocated.

We continuously identify programmes that could benefit from the return on investment allocated for women and girls empowerment by investors. The allocation for each programme will be decided from time to time by the LWA fund management committee.

The fund is uniquely designed for investors in Africa and globally with a passion for gender equality in Africa.

This fund will be invested in a diversified portfolio of assets so as to generate a low risk high yield return, prioritizing capital preservation whilst providing investment income to fund specific empowerment programmes geared toward women and girls.

To be confirmed

Bank: Investec Bank
Account Name: LWA Corporate Investment Pty Ltd
Branch code: 580105
Branch: Sandton
Account No: 50010841891
Bank Address: 100 Grayston Drive, Sandown, Sandton, 2196

A key unique offering is that the LWA Women’s Opportunity Fund creates a unique financial vehicle that allows investors to direct a portion of their return on investment to empower women and girls in Africa through identified specific programmes.

If a cheque deposit is made, the account number must be inserted in the reference field.
The account number to be used is 4059749310, which is Investec’s Corporate Cash Manager account at ABSA Bank.

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