Our Programs

LWA programs uniquely combines research, policy advocacy and commercial activities in order to achieve its objective of creating access to economic opportunities for women in business at national, sub-regional and continental levels.


LWA is a membership organisation encompassing Africa and operating across sectors and industries.

As a Pan-African Network of Business Women, LWA is creating new ways to do business in Africa. We drive the vehicle of women’s economic empowerment through investment projects and profitable trade and businesses.

  • LWA fosters trade between women-owned businesses and its goal is to assist in bringing them to participate in the mainstream economy.
  • LWA embarks in mainstreaming and supporting the creation of numerous successful small and medium enterprises owned by women and facilitating other investment initiatives among African women to boost African growth and competitiveness and reduce poverty.
  • LWA creates strategic partnerships with organisations across the world that are, not only looking to expand their operations in Africa but as well as add value to lives of businesswomen across the African continent.
  • LWA will ensure women’s equal access to economic resources and information, including trade and markets information.


Join the progressive network of business and professional women in Africa.  Member is open to:

  1. All women of any race, religion and culture in Africa and Diaspora;
  2. All interested men;
  3. All interested entrepreneurs;
  4. Corporate Companies
  5. Government and International Institutions

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At LWA, we are passionate about creating new and innovative ideas to women’s development. Our programmes uniquely combines research, mainstream economy and networking to achieve its objective of creating access to economic opportunities for women in business, both at national, sub-regional and continental level.

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