Our Programs

Our Programs

LWA continues to be at the forefront of gender advocacy and engaging with partners who are responsible for the development of policies relating to women issues as well providing policy recommendations to policy makers at National, Regional and international level.

a) Women Investors Programme (WIP)

The Women Investors Programme (WIP) aims to increase the number of women who are involved in investment, international trade and other services on the continent. WIP is a platform that creates business links amongst African women entrepreneurs and their counterparts in the global arena.  These include but are not limited to corporates or companies that have the African agenda as part of their growth strategy.  The purpose of this is to obtain access to trade and investment opportunities on the continent and broader.


b) Women and Infrastructure Development in Africa (WIDA)

LWA’s aim with the WIDA programme is to ensure that women emerge as successful leaders in industries and sectors, which historically ostracized them from participation and representation in economic building processes and strategies that equally affected them.

a) Women Doing Business in Africa

Women Doing Business in Africa are series of business seminars and trade missions, organised by Leading Women of Africa (LWA) in different African countries, which bring together women entrepreneurs and business leaders that have Africa as part of their growth strategy, in order to access trade and investment opportunities on the continent.

It is expected that this Trade Mission will incorporate government officials, development stakeholders as well as policy makers from the region.

These seminars will target women involved in investment, trade, service and infrastructure development projects on the continent.


b) LWA Champions

LWA has launched an initiative to identify outstanding African male leaders who promotes women economic empowerment and have demonstrated leadership to advance women agenda through innovation and inspiration in order to unlock their (women) full potential and development. LWA CHAMPIONS are men who have championed women’s empowerment cause in their Country, Region or Company.


  1. Events

LWA organizes events, workshops and training programmes at local, national, regional or international level.

a) LWA Africa Desk

LWA Africa Desk is centralized communication business office that supports the operations of the above programmes. The Desk facilitates, coordinates and connects women entrepreneurs from all the 54 nations by providing regional and continental business intelligence and information. It enables the capacity to generate and use business knowledge successfully.  The desk also acts as a one-stop shop, offering women entrepreneurs a point of reference as well as business education and business opportunities.


b) Research and Development

In partnership with other researchers and research institutions, LWA supports research, survey and case studies on various gender issues in the continent.


c) Advocacy

LWA conducts advocacy at two levels:


  1. Promoting win-win partnership with women

It is imperative for all stakeholders and partners to create agreements of a win-win partnership with women if any change is to take place in Africa.

Leading Women of Africa is persisting for a percentage of African government’s projects and procurements to be allocated to qualified business women to advance entrepreneurship, jobs creation and skills transfer amongst women of the continent.


  1. Lobby for skills transfer and development

If sustainable development is to be created in Africa, Skills transfer needs to be considered as number one priority and action needs to be taken with immediate effect.

At LWA, we are passionate about creating new and innovative ideas to women’s development. Our programmes uniquely combines research, mainstream economy and networking to achieve its objective of creating access to economic opportunities for women in business, both at national, sub-regional and continental level.

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