Women doing Business in Africa, Promoting African Regional Integration


“Reinforcing business linkages between women”

In our aim to promote African Regional Intergration and reinforce business linkages between women on the continent, LWA has created a programme: Women Doing Business in Africa. This programme represents series of business seminars and trade missions, organised by Leading Women of Africa (LWA) in different African countries, which bring together women entrepreneurs and business leaders that have Africa as part of their growth strategy, in order to access trade and investment opportunities on the continent.

It is expected that this Trade Mission will incorporate government officials, development stakeholders as well as policy makers from the region.

These seminars will target women involved in investment, trade, service and infrastructure development projects on the continent.

Target Sectors

Target sectors include: Renewable Energy| Agriculture| Affordable Housing| Water & Sanitation| Transportation| ICT| Oil & Gas| Mining| Financial Services| Tourism| Education| Construction| Health| Manufacturing|Trade.


– Open-up the economic opportunities to a growing and increasingly well-placed women entrepreneur engaged in business on the African continent
– Increase Business to Business linkages and networking between women-owned businesses
– Provide market intelligence on existing business opportunities
– Strengthen knowledge on trade and investment related policies and regulations
– Influence policy changes of trade regimes in region/ country to facilitate growth and expansion of women-owned businesses

In the past few years LWA has conducted these missions in various Countries in Africa including:

– Ethiopia
– Nigeria
– Ghana
– Republic of Congo
– Tanzania
– D R Congo

– Zambia
– Mozambique
– Senegal

Partnerships with Governments, Development Institutions as well as private sector will ensure not only the success of these events, but it will also reinforce business linkages between women on the Continent while creating jobs and growing the African economy.

Benefits of partnering with LWA

  • Being Associated with credible pan-African Organisation
  • Access to the African market through dissemination of information via LWA digital platforms (Newsletter)
  • Opportunities for Corporate branding and networking at LWA events and other platforms
  • Speaking opportunities at those events .

For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@leadingwomenofafrica.com

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