The GLOBALWIIN Virtual Awards 2020

Calling AFRICA to Nominate for The GLOBALWIIN VIRTUAL Awards 2020! for exceptional Creative, Inventive and Innovative women. NOMINATE NOW!

Leading Women of Africa (LWA) and The Pan-African Women Inventors and Innovators Network (PAWIIN) under the Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network (GWIIN), invite African women to nominate for the GLOBALWIIN Virtual Awards 2020 due to take place on 28th November 2020. Nomination closes 27 September 2020. NOMINATE NOW! REQUEST NOMINATION AND SUBMIT:

Nominations are now OPEN for African countries!

Nomination Instructions:

1. The deadline for submission of an award nomination has been extended to 27 September 2020 and must be submitted at

2. Finalist Nominees would be contacted within 6 weeks of submission

3. Self-nomination is accepted

4. Sign the terms and agreement for nomination below.

Categories include:

1. Lone Inventor

2. Lone Innovator

3. Exceptional Creative Women with item, concept or service

4. Micro-enterprise or New start up business with no more than 10 employees

5. Small business with more than 10 to 49 employees

6. Medium sized Industry with more than 50 – 250 employees

7. Large Industry with more than 250 employees

8. Innovative Capacity Building Initiatives or Projects

9. Higher Education & Learning Institutions

10. Product Design and Development

11. Chairman’s Discretionary Award

12. Lifetime Achievement Award


UNDER 25 YOUNG INVENTORS & INNOVATORS: young people (female & male) solving problems in a variety of ingenious ways that provide opportunities and impact on the quality of life on many.

SOCIAL INNOVATION: women led social innovations with strategies, concepts and ideas that have a social purpose, meet social needs and contribute to a better quality of life for many. A special emphasis on community development projects that focus on knowledge and learning opportunities, social housing, healthy living and environmental improvements to name a few.

*DIGITAL INNOVATION: relevance in the social mobile, analytics and cloud arena. Special focus would be on the use of digital concepts, products and services that interact with the business community as well as those having a social impact.

OPEN INNOVATION: presenting opportunities towards a open way of innovating and have created great impact and success

OUTSTANDING MALE CHAMPIONS: Male that have supported and contributed to the economic empowerment and achievements of ingenious women or organisations that support ingenious women.Please nominate NOW! E:

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