Message from LWA President and Founder

Message from LWA President and Founder

The Africa we want

The economic empowerment of women of Africa remains our main focus as women continue to strive to contribute in socio-economic and political transformation in Africa, despite the unprecedented crisis brought forth by the novel corona virus.

As the world comes to a standstill due to the negative impact of COVID 19, African women need to remain abreast with innovative ways to do business in a highly competitive environment.

This pandemic has opened a new window of opportunity for women of Africa to go beyond business as usual. LWA invites women to strategically position themselves to take advantage of numerous business opportunities emerging through this advent of the new pandemic.

LWA has also embraced the idea of a united Africa through its diversities, able to share opportunities, expertise and knowledge to advance economic integration agenda and development of Africa. Through our various programs and activities, we strive to create linkages between African women entrepreneurs from across the continent.

To facilitate the process of living with this “new normal” while promoting the African regional integration, LWA has set up the first women online dedicated platform: WURSA, the Market Room. The platform assists women entrepreneurs and businesses to make their products and services visible to global partners. Please visit

LWA encourages women to adjust to the “new normal” of doing business in an open space and equip themselves with digital skills to ensure that they emerge as successful leaders in their environments.

LWA is also inviting investors, funders, financial, technical and technology partners who are looking to diversify their business model to engage African women. LWA has built a credible network of business and professional women involved in the mainstream sectors of the economy.

We are building the Africa we want.

Madelein Mkunu
Founder & Presidentonline

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